Salami stick

Mild salami stick of pork seasoned with paprika, coriander, salt and pepper. Cold smoked over beech chips for the absolutely perfect and rounded smoke taste.

Sold in selected stores in: Dagrofa,, Coop and Salling

Ingredients: 162 g pork*, salt, black pepper*, sweet paprika*, coriander*, garlic* and starter culture. Smoked and dried. Without casing.

* = Organic.



Serving suggestions

Suitable for the lunch table, packed lunches, as a snack and on a tapas board. Make e.g. small cozy snacks by cutting the stick into small pieces, inserting toothpicks, optionally adding a piece of cucumber or tomato, and arranging neatly on a small plate or tapas board.

Product info

Product no. 377

Net weight: 25 g.

Packaging method: Vacuum-packed in plastic.

Storage: Can be stored at room temperature. Does not require refrigeration.

Manufacture date: See date on the side.

Best before (unopened): See date on the side.

Nutritional content per 100 g.:

Energy1.588 kJ / 382 kcal
Fat29 g
Of which saturates11 g
Carbohydrate0,6 g
Of which sugars0,5 g
Dietary fibre0 g
Protein29 g
Salt4,47 g
Product no. 377

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