Poultry saveloy

Tasty, mild and slightly spicy poultry saveloy for the whole family

Sold in selected stores in: Dagrofa

Ingredients: 54% chicken meat*, water, 13% chicken skin*, potato flour*, salt, onion*, sweet paprika*, white pepper* Boiled.

* = Organic.



The keyhole mark

Serving suggestions

Perfect for a piece of rye bread or flute on the lunch table and in the packed lunch.

Product info

Product no. 260

Net weight: 200 g.

Packaging: Sterile casing, 3 layers of plastic, the colour pigment is in the middle layer.

Packaging method: Uses the same casing that the sausage was heat-treated in.

Storage: In a refrigerator at a maximum of +5°C.

After opening: 5 days in a refrigerator.

Manufacture date: See date on the side.

Best before (unopened): See date on the side.

Nutritional content per 100 g.:

Energy608 kJ / 146 kcal
Fat8,6 g
Of which saturates2,5 g
Carbohydrate4,0 g
Of which sugars0,5 g
Dietary fibre0 g
Protein13 g
Salt1,94 g
Product no. 260

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