Plant-based pâté

Delicate pâté of pea protein, mushroom and onion, seasoned with allspice, salt and paprika. An excellent substitute for the traditional liver pâté, if you want to eat more green and climate-friendly food.

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Ingredients: Water, pea protein*, mushroom*, sunflower oil*, onion*, salt, vegetable stock* (salt, onion*, carrot*, leek*, cauliflower*, parsley*, broccoli*, garlic*, fennel*, savoy cabbage*, celery*, spices*), allspice*, nutmeg*, mild paprika* and strong paprika*. Baked.

* = Organic.




Serving suggestions

Suitable for the lunch table or packed lunch, where it goes well on a coarse piece of rye bread or flute. For example, try heating the pâté in a 200℃ hot oven for 10-15 minutes, and serve the pâté with mushroom, cucumber, beetroot or avocado. Or try our Facon topping – fry the facon cubes in the pan or oven, until they are crispy, and lovingly sprinkle it over your pâté.

Product info

Product no. 20001

Net weight: 200 g.

Packaging method: Plastic tray with plastic.

Packaged in protective atmosphere.

Storage: In a refrigerator at a maximum of +5°C.

After opening: 3 days in a refrigerator.

Manufacture date: See date on the side.

Best before (unopened): See date on the side.

Nutritional content per 100 g.:

Energy887 kJ / 213 kcal
Fat16 g
Of which saturates0,2 g
Carbohydrate5,1 g
Of which sugars0,8 g
Dietary fibre3,5 g
Protein11 g
Salt1,46 g
Product no. 20001

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