OnePot Pasta Carbonara

Tasty pasta dish with fine pieces of bacon and mushrooms in a delicious cream cheese sauce flavored with basil.

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Ingredients: 50% cooked pasta* (water, durum wheat flour*), 44% cream cheese sauce* (of which 28% mushroom*, water, of which 13% cream*, onion*, rapeseed oil*, of which 9% Parmigiano Reggiano (PDO) cheese* (milk*, salt, rennet), garlic*, cornstarch*, lemon juice*, vegetable stock* (sea salt, carrot*, celery*, lovage*, cauliflower*, onion*, leek*, parsley*, broccoli*, savoy cabbage*, garlic*, fennel*, spices*), salt, white pepper*, basil*), 6% bacon* (pig breast*, salt, water).

* = Organic.


Microwave: Remove the tray from the cardboard packaging and pierce the film lid 3-5 times. Heat for 3-4 minutes at 800 W.

Conventionel oven: Remove the tray from the cardboard packaging and peel off the film halfway from the tray. Place the tray in the middle of a 200°C hot oven for 20 minutes. Stir and heat for another 10 minutes.

After end heating, remove the film and stir the dish.

The dish must be heated to a temperature of at least 75°C.

Serving suggestions: Try our OnePot Carbonara with a delicious tomato salad.

Note: Carbonara is a traditional Italian pasta dish. It is one of the few pasta dishes where it is not determined which type of pasta should be used. In addition to pasta, the dish consists of fried bacon, eggs, grated cheese and black pepper – nothing more, nothing less. Traditional recipes are often associated with legends and anecdotes, and carbonara's origin is difficult to confirm – perhaps the recipe comes from Italian coal miners, perhaps from American soldiers. Outside of Italy, variations of the traditional recipe often arise, where you add your own twist to the dish with new ingredients. In our carbonara, we don't have eggs, but there is both bacon, grated cheese and pepper. And then we have put our twist on the dish, by adding cream and mushrooms to a delicious creamy cream cheese sauce - we have done this out of pure love for both Italian and Danish traditions – and perhaps also American.

Product info

Product no. 1290

Net weight: 325 g.

Packaging method: Tray with a film lid.

Packaged in protective atmosphere.

Storage: In a refrigerator at a maximum of +5°C.

After opening: 1 day in a refrigerator.

Manufacture date: See date on the side.

Best before (unopened): See date on the side.

Nutritional content per 100 g.:

Energy637 kJ / 152 kcal
Fat8,4 g
Of which saturates2,9 g
Carbohydrate14 g
Of which sugars1,2 g
Dietary fibre1,0 g
Protein4,6 g
Salt0,78 g
Product no. 1290