Classic lasagna

Tasty classic lasagna with beef, tomato sauce, herbs and bechamel sauce with grated Gouda in layers between durum lasagna sheets. The taste is mild and pleasantly balanced – a real family favourite.

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Ingredients: 23% beef*, 19% tomato*, 13% Gouda cheese* (microbial rennet), orion*, 8% lasagna sheets* (durum wheat flour*), tomato concentrate*, water, low-fat milk* (lactose free), celeriac*, carrot*, garlic*, olive oil*, basil*, salt, cornstarch*, wheat flour*, black pepper*, white pepper*, oregano*, thyme*, nutmeg*.

* = Organic.


Microwave: Remove the tray from the cardboard packaging and pierce the film lid 3-5 times. Heat for 3-4 minutes at 650 W.

Conventionel oven: Remove the tray from the cardboard packaging and peel off the film halfway from the tray. Place the tray in the middle of a 160°C hot oven for 20 minutes.

The dish must be heated to a temperature of at least 75°C.

Servering suggestions: Simple salad and some warm focaccia bread will be perfect as a side dish.

Note: The traditional lasagna has an extremely interesting history, and there is still debate about where it is originated, as traces can be traced back to both Greece and England. But there is no doubt, that Italian cuisine has had a very big impact on the fact, that the classic lasagna, today is a well-known and loved meal in many homes. Our lasagne has been developed with inspiration from the classic Italian recipes, where herbs and tasty bechamel sauce give the lasagne the perfect taste and aroma of Italian cuisine.

Product info

Product no. 718

Net weight: 375 g.

Packaging method: Tray with a film lid.

Storage: In a refrigerator at a maximum of +5°C.

After opening: 1 day in a refrigerator.

Manufacture date: See date on the side.

Best before (unopened): See date on the side.

Nutritional content per 100 g.:

Energy578 kJ / 138 kcal
Fat5,3 g
Of which saturates2,1 g
Carbohydrate13 g
Of which sugars2,7 g
Dietary fibre1,7 g
Protein8,7 g
Salt1,2 g
Product no. 718