Grød and Hanegal wins product award

Grød and Hanegal wins the product award FOOD in the cooking competition Sol Over Gudhjem, which is Denmark’s largest cooking competition. This year, the panel of judges tasted 90 different products, and 12 products were nominated for the product award final – here among our new organic porridges patties, which have been developed in a strong collaboration between Hanegal and GRØD.

We are very proud of the award and incredibly happy that the porridge patties is so well received – we believe can compete with the more traditional meat products. Meatballs are a favorite food among the Danes, so we are incredibly proud to have launched a now award-winning plant-based alternative on the market.

And it also shows, what a strong partnership can lead to, between completely unique skills on both sides of the table. Thanks to the entire Grød team for a strong partnership and cooperation throughout the entire process from idea to launch.

See the porridges patties here