Climate-friendly and sustainable packaging

We take pride in using packaging that is produced with consideration for the environment, that is easy to sort according to use and that can be recycled. We continuously work to minimize our climate footprint and increase the amount of recycled material in the packaging.

Plastic remains one of the best materials for maintaining high food quality and safety, when food is stored and transported. Unfortunately, the use of plastic is also a problem, as it has been produced and used for many decades without considering the environmental pollution that plastic causes, when it is not collected, sorted, and recycled. To be recycled, plastic must consist of monoplastic – a single type of plastic that can be recycled – and in addition, it is an advantage, if it is easy to clean – this means that the plastic can be part of the circular economy, where it is recycled into new products countless times.

We use CPET plastic for trays with spreads and ready meals. CPET is a monoplastic type with high functionality and food safety, which is heat-resistant and does not allow air to penetrate. CPET consists of 85% recycled plastic why the product varies in color and can be fully recycled to produce new packaging repeatedly.

Most of our packaging can be taken apart, sorted by material, and recycled. Our labels are mainly produced from 100% recycled material, and our cardboard sleeves on e.g. ready meals are C2C and FSC certified. It is our goal that our packaging must be 100% sustainable – it is an ongoing process that we are working on.