Healthy food, good animal welfare and a better environment

We are organic pioneers, and since 1980 we have worked for healthy food, good animal welfare and a better environment – all the way from farm to table. We believe, that it gives an extra good taste in the mouth to know, that the raw materials have been produced with respect for nature, and that the animals have had a good life with plenty of opportunity for natural expression. To us, organic produce is love for animals, plants, and people.

The founders of Hanegal, Ulrich and Fie, were front-line fighters for organic produce in Denmark. For many years they have been active in the effort to develop organic produce in Denmark, both by creating Hanegal and by working in various organizations related to the organic market.

The starting point was a farm in Voel near Silkeborg, which was converted to organic farming in 1980. In the early 1990s, we developed the first system where both sows, piglets, and fattening pigs live free range for their entire lives.

In 1994, an organic farm abattoir was established in Voel, which was the first purely organic abattoir in Denmark.

Our farm abattoir marked the beginning of the production of organic meat and cold cuts for Danish supermarkets, and as early as 1998, there was a need for expansion, and the production of cold cuts was moved to Haderslev. During the period from 1998 to 2008, slaughter continued in Voel, but today we no longer have our own abattoir or farm, but we do have a close collaboration with our organic suppliers, who show extensive consideration for the welfare of the animals.

Organic food pleasure

All our products are 100% organic and free of additives. Several products are also gluten-free, lactose-free and without added sugar. Our products are only filled with good ingredients and taste – we call it organic food pleasure.

Free of additives

In 1992, we started producing organic cold cuts, and the decision was made then that organic production was not enough – we also wanted a production completely free of additives, also called e-numbers, which then and today are allowed in organic production. Our position is, that additives are completely unnecessary, when you use good raw materials and good craftsmanship. This means that our products are manufactured free of e-numbers, such as nitrite (E249 and E250). Nitrite is a preservative that is primarily used in the food industry to give cold cuts and sausages a redder color. Nitrite can be carcinogenic and cause headaches and migraines. In Denmark, it is no longer permitted to add nitrite to organic meat products, but it is still used in foreign organic meat products. Many consumers are now aware that the red color in sausages is not natural and have become accustomed to the natural reddish-brown shade that our sausages have.

Our mission

We want to develop organic and tasty, high-quality products free of additives, which, through a holistic approach, include both animal welfare, the environment and sustainability throughout the product’s life cycle.

Hanegal is driven by heart, position, action, and entrepreneurship

Organic produce, animal welfare and sustainability are our core values. In 2015, we started producing plant-based versions of our classic products such as spreads and ready meals. Since then, we have stepped up our plant-based ambitions, and in 2030, 85% of our production must be plant-based. We believe, that is best for the planet, and the recipes remain the same as always: organic quality food and zero additives.

Plant-based products

It should be easy to choose climate-friendly alternatives to meat. We have developed plant-based spreads, bacon, fillings, and ready meals that can replace meat and provide exciting taste experiences. Our tasty products are either vegetarian or vegan and can be the first step towards a greener meal plan.

Sustainable future

We are on a journey towards a sustainable future with clear ambitions for both the climate and the planet. We continuously work to minimize our climate footprint and increase the amount of recycled material in the packaging. Our goal is that our packaging is sustainable, produced with consideration for the environment and easy to sort according to use. We have rearranged our electricity consumption so that we only cover our energy needs with CO2 neutral and renewable energy.

Wind power

We use energy from wind turbines. By using CO2 neutral and renewable energy, we support the UN’s global goal no. 7, affordable and clean energy. With this global goal, the UN wants global access to modern and renewable energy, which is a prerequisite for combating some of the challenges the planet is facing, including climate change.

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